Curatorial Services

We offer a full range of once off or long term curatorial solutions to assist both individual artists and larger organisations in order to produce effective and meaningful exhibitions, which will engage eclectic audiences, media and the industry. We can offer advice on simple hanging solutions to more complex projects, which entail delivery, design, layout, installation, lighting and long term storage of high value art work. Along with advise on logistics and dealing with customs on an import/ export basis.

Interim Management

Finding the right person for your organisation often takes time. We can offer a short-term solution to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible by appointing qualified personnel who can sustain audiences, deliver an existing programme and preserve revenues in the interim.

Executive Search and Recruitment

Running a successful organization means hiring the right management team. We have access to highly competent and experienced arts managers and administrators in a variety of countries who could have what it take to bring your institution to the next level. It is all about connecting the right people.

Funding Applications

Time and time again managers can be overwhelmed with the prospect of compiling a 50 page funding application with associated business development plan. We take the hassle and stress out of the process not only by completing the cumbersome forms but also suggesting other available sources of funding for your project.

Developing New Revenue Streams

Arts organisations are often under staffed and under resourced and searching for alternative sources of funding can be time consuming. We can look at your project from a different perspective and offer practical information and advise on generating new revenue streams in a cost effective manner.

Corporate Sponsorship

Arts venues provide the perfect backdrop for corporate clients to engage in a dynamic and creative environment and many corporate bodies want their brand to be associated with rich culture in a community context. We can help you source the perfect corporate sponsor to compliment your activities and grow and enhance your audience.

Brokering New Partnerships

The most exciting part of working in the arts is making connections across the global arts community. We have access to international arts and cultural organsiations and institutions that want to develop arts projects of significance in your region. Contact us today and we can start pointing you in the right direction.

Facilities and Programme Planning

The key to successfully engaging audiences is having a well-structured programme in place many months in advance. This will help you market each event to your target demographic and develop a range of appealing educational programmes and outreach events to match. We can offer information and advice on how best to plan, structure and maintain your facilities and programme in order to captivate the attention of your visitors and clients.

Strategic Policy Making and Planning

With 16 years experience in strategic policy making and planning this is one of our strong points. We can guide you through the process both internally and externally from your organisations’ perspective, in order to ensure your strategy engages and inspires artists and audiences, placing the arts at the centre of the economic, social and cultural development of your organisation. We also have expertise in handling public consultation processes to ensure maximum buy in from other stakeholders in your strategy.

Organisational Development

In order to be successful, organisational efficiency is a crucial component to your business. The effective use of your human and financial resources is paramount. Jamann Arts Consulting provides a range of services from, strategic planning, audience feedback, community engagement, branding, and staff team building activities in order for you to get the best out of your best asset; Your Team!

Research and Planning

We do all the hard work by having access to the latest research on audience development, policy making, support services, monitoring and evaluation processes to ensure your business is on trend in a competitive market. We offer access to a full range of professional development and training opportunities along with cost effective ways of handling commissioning processes.

Event Management

Event Management is one of our many strong points. We can offer a full service from planning, commissioning, installation, venue management, staff recruitment, catering, invitations, press launch, press packs and promotion in order to ensure your showcase event is as stress free and successful as possible.

Marketing and Publicity

Reaching your target audience is the key to growing your business. We can assist you in exploring new creative avenues to achieve this, through social media, direct marketing, print publications, community engagement and established industry models. Contact us Today.

Mentoring and Professional Development

We can provide access to high quality professional practice opportunities for artists and organisations; allowing for the development of a programme which is responsive to your specific needs. We can provide capacity to expand the  reach of your practice with our strategic partners. If you need a new perspective on your business or simply just need an opportunity to brainstorm ideas, get in touch with us today. The first consultation is complimentary. 

We work with the following organisations:

Art Galleries • Arts Education Institutions • Choral Groups • Cultural Organisations and Venues • Dance Companies • Entertainment Industry •Non Profit Organisations • Government Agencies and Institutions • Historic Sites • Museums • Orchestras • Opera Companies • Service Organisations / Arts and Culture Associations • Theatres • Drama Groups • Literary Groups • Festivals and Events.

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