Aakash Odedra’s World Premiere of #JeSuis

Last Night in the Black Box Theatre at New York University Abu Dhabi Arts centre I spent a deeply intensive and thought provoking 70 minutes watching the World Premiere of #JeSuis by the internationally acclaimed choreographer Aakash Odedra.


Odedra’s masterpiece in collaboration with a group of Turkish dancers he met in Istanbul, is inspired by their collective responses to misinterpretations of their motherland by the media. Wrapped up in wider issues of displacement, refuge, and instability, both politically and geographically, it portrays their frustrations of life in a homeland that doesn’t know the meaning of “home” anymore. A place where people keep struggling for a sense of peace; where freedoms/choices are becoming luxury and the main hope is to be safe.


Beautifully and perceptively choreographed the performance is emotionally charged, at times challenging to absorb and overall leaves the audience with a haunting sense of despair for mankind saved by the powerful denouement that ultimately leaves the viewer with an overarching sense of hope.


Speaking himself about the piece Odedra says; “#JeSuis touches on issues that affect us all as humans, it is a piece about those plights that have not been “hashtagged” by the mainstream media. Amid our times of war; our hope for the future is for spiritual uplift that embraces every person around the globe.”



About Aakash Odedra:


Born in Birmingham UK, Odedra has performed his self-crafted dance technique across the globe, being commissioned to create work in New York, Croatia, Canada, Italy and even for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the closing of the London Cultural Olympiad. He founded the Akash Odedra Company in 2011, and #JeSuis is the first group piece he is choreographing for his own company.

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